I’m not a storm chaser per say but I do look out for severe weather in Gardner and find a spot where I can capture a storm coming into the area. I usually get a small window of opportunity before I’m forced back in my car by rain. I have shot some huge wall clouds sometimes coming at sunset which makes for spectacular colors in the sky. It is interesting to see the sun coming through those clouds or illuminating around them. I get the feeling of adventure when I’m standing in a field with the wind blowing, huge clouds, dark sky around me and lightning in the distance. As I start shooting the thought of a tornado coming out of those clouds is always in the back of my mind. The shot I spend most time trying to capture is lightning. I have always been fascinated by lightning and I was able to get several shots during spring / summer. My best lightning shot was featured on KMBC-TV 9 on their weather segment. Lightning is a tough part of Mother Nature to capture but well worth the effort when you get a good shot. The look of each storm is unique and you can’t beat the occasional rainbow that shows up!



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